Chilham Village Hall

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The capacity of the hall depends on the type of event, it varies from 200 close seated or dancing to 130 seated at tables.

The body of the hall is approximately 10 m wide and 13 m long, there is a large closed off fireplace on the side wall and two sets of steps onto the stage. The four roof support columns in the middle of the floor form a 5 m (approximately) square.

The female toilets are located within the hall, the male, wheelchair access and baby changing unit are located in the entrance passageway.

Heating is provided by 4 fan assisted thermostatically controlled gas heaters.

Smoke Machines are NOT allowed in any part of the building.

For more details see the Floor Plan.

Basic lighting is supplied by fluorescent tubes.

Ambience lighting is provided by a pair of dimmable chandeliers, dimmable coloured spotlights ( 2 on each column) and single switched spots on each of the columns at the stage end.

The stage is approximately 10 m wide and 4.5 m deep, has fixed side and rear curtains and opening front curtain. Two doors, stage left and right lead to the Green Room, the left hand door also leads to a toilet which is convenient for on-stage performers.

Additional stage lighting is available for a small extra cost.

The entrance to the Servery &Kitchen is opposite the main entrance.

Ladders are located on the left and right at the rear of the stage.