Chilham Village Hall

On stage lighting consists of three high level booms each supporting four spot lights, off stage each of the two front roof pillars supports two spotlights.

Up to 24 lamps can be individually controlled  or more if paired up, selection and pairing is made via a patch panel.

The lamp control unit is a Soundlab Scenesetter. Output is via a 3 Pin female  XLR  two inputs are available, one at the side of the stage, the other is located at the rear of the hall adjacent to the hall light dimmer switches. Midi input is via 5 pin din socket.

A few colour filters are available.

A high level isolator is used to feed the lighting power pack. For safety reasons this is kept locked off when the stage lighting is not in use. It should be turned off at the end of the show as the power pack ‘remembers’ the last instruction from the Scenesetter, even if the Scenesetter completely disconnected!

Stage Lighting