Chilham Village Hall


Frequently asked questions

payment can be made by cheque or account-to-account transfer (BACS), the letting secretary will provide relevant details.

No, although there are some cups, saucers, plates and glasses in the two kitchens which can be used, they do not form part of the hire and the quantity, quality and cleanliness cannot be guaranteed at the time of hire.


Yes but it is not recommended because of the difficulty of getting them back exactly where they came from as sizes vary and as the hirer it is up to you to get them back correctly.

If you’ve paid by cheque or cash it is paid into the bank, cheque's are not held un-cashed. After the hire, if the hall is left as found (details are on the ‘check list’ given to you), you will get your full deposit back within 14 days

We don’t recommend as such because we don’t know how well they did at an event, however the booking secretary does get feedback from hirers and may be able to provide some guidance.

 Yes, as long as it is outside and not in a covered area. As the hirer you are responsible for the safety of your guests so it is important to keep fire escape routes clear and prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces. It is wise not to block access to the cigarette bins in the smoking area as you will have to clean up the but ends when it’s all over.

Ask when booking and if the answer is YES you will get a booking form with ‘WITH PAY BAR’ on the bottom, once the form is sent back with appropriate deposit you can go ahead and organise it. If the answer is NO it means that all 15 of the hall’s allocated slots have been taken and alcohol CANNOT be SOLD during the hire period on the premises by anyone. Employing a ‘pay bar’ or similar company and pay them before or after the hire period is ok as alcohol is not being sold during the hire period.

No, the surface is soft and drainage pipes are close to the surface, so everything must be carried.